Bucket List/Goals

Life Goals: (in no particular order)


1. Run a race in every state. (12/50 done!)

2. Do at least one triathlon

3. Do at least one full marathon (Completed May 28th, 2013! I did the Vermont City Marathon, and proud of it too!)

4. Travel to new places!  (I guess I got this one covered since I’ve already been to a few places I have never been! lol!

5. Meet some cool new people along the way (I’ve already met some cool new people! I love talking to random people while I’m traveling and have made some really great friends)

6. Maybe inspire someone to get in shape, start a new goal or to start running.

7. Qualify for the Boston Marathon.

  • A. Run the Boston Marathon 🙂

8. Get my Half Marathon time under 1:40

9. Break 50 minutes in a 10k

10. Hike all of the Colorado 14ers (I’ve done three so far).

11. A Disney Marathon or half – I’d love to do the Goofy Challenge or the Princess half…of BOTH! Actually, a new goal of mine is to collect all of the Disney Race Medals.

12. A race in another country

13. A Rock n’ Roll Marathon somewhere

14. A relay race (check! August 3-4, 2012, I did the Wild West Relay!)

15. Drink a craft brew in each state.

16. Visit all of Colorado’s Hot Springs

17. Climb the tallest peak in each state.

My first fourteener!!!!

My first fourteener!!!!

5 thoughts on “Bucket List/Goals

  1. I know about every runner has done it, that I know of, but You should do the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston if you haven’t already. I just started running last October, and I am doing this as my first Race!

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