Next race: The Scoobtober VIRTUAL 5k!

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the Scooby Doo Virtual Run Series races as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

As part of being a BibRave Pro, I got a chance to participate in the first ever Virtual Scooby Doo Run Series! So, far Tristan and I have completed race one of the series, the Doo Good 5k, and earned some awesome swag! Check out my post-race recap HERE.

As we get closer and closer to Halloween, the theme for the 2nd race in the series, we’ve still been running a couple times a week together. We’ll complete our Virtual Scoobtober 5k on Tuesday, the day before Halloween.

We’re going to stick to our same course and our goal is to try and beat our time from the Doo Good 5k.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see how training is going and we’ll do live posts of the race on Instagram Stories!

Race Recap – Virtual DooGood 5k – Scooby Doo Run Series

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the Doo Good 5k by the Scooby Doo Virtual Run Series race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

A couple of weeks ago, after training, Tristan, Ben and I set off to do the Virtual Doo Good 5k together. We chose the bike path near our house and started right before the sun was starting to set.

I was really excited to do this race series with my dog because he is getting older and I am not sure how much longer he’ll be able to run with me. When he was younger, we used to run together a lot. As I started training for longer and longer distances, I didn’t feel comfortable taking him with me, but we would still run the shorter runs and do hikes together.

It had been a while since we did a lot of running together, so when I got the word I was signed up for the Virtual Scooby Do Run Series, we started building his miles back up starting with one mile.

He did awesome through all the training runs and was ready for the full 3.1 miles come race day! We had no time goals, and just wanted to get through the whole race without stopping!

Minus one stop for a poop break, we reached our goal and each earned some great swag!

Next up, we’ve got the Scoobtober 5k at the end of October!

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How do you wear your Buff? The Original Buff…REBORN!

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I actually remember quite well when I first discovered BUFF products. I got my first one from a race, the Mustache Must Dash 5k in 2015. It was a blue and white one that had mustaches and faces all over it and if it wore it the right way, it looked like you had a mustache.

Oh yeah!

This particular BUFF instantly replaced all my other gaiters and bandanas for snowboarding. Now, not only do I stuff one or two Buffs in all my jacket pockets (and now all my backpacks, car, and running bags – because you never know when you’ll need one!) but I also have started using BUFFs for other activities like running, hiking, camping, etc.

camping, wearing my Beer Relay Buff

I love that I can wear it many different ways with so many uses – and that there’s so many designs! When I wear it on my head, it provides warmth for my ears, keeps sweat out of my eyes and hair out of my face! I also wear it as a full head/face cover providing warmth but also drying quickly!

I can easily pull the bottom part up to cover my mouth and nose!

Now, the Original Buff is REBORN! They are now making BUFF products with recycled materials (100% Recycled REPREVE® Microfibers are made from two plastic water bottles that have been removed from oceans and landfills), more comfortable (now built with superior 4-Way ULTRA STRETCH and active fabric recovery), now has sun protection (UPF 50) and tons more designs/styles!

If you haven’t checked out the many new designs lately, you should take a scroll through their website!

As I’ve said before, I wear Buffs a lot and for many different things! Here are some of the ways I wear my BUFF…

1. Face cover for warmth for snowboarding
-I can wear it around my neck and just cover my mouth and nose OR I can wrap it all the way around my head to cover my ears and still pull it up to cover my mouth and nose (pictured above).


2. Headband for keeping hair and sweat out of my eyes for running
-The Buff stays in place, unlike other headbands I’ve tried, and absorbs sweats, dries quickly and keeps my hair out of my eyes.


3. Ear warmth while running and hiking
-Just like when I use it for a headband alone, it keeps sweat and hair out of my eyes but also keeps my ears nice and toasty warm.


4. Scarf during the winter!
-As a close-fitting circle, the Buff is perfect for extra warmth as a scarf!

5. Great for climbing!
-Fits perfectly under my helmet!


5. Perfect for camping! 


7. And amazing for just about any occasion that you need ear warmth, a headband, or face warmth! 


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“Let Your Mind Run” by Deena Kastor – Book Review

From an Olympic medalist runner and the record-holder in the women’s marathon and half-marathon, a vividly inspirational memoir on using positive psychology and brain science to achieve unparalleled athletic success.

The day Deena Kastor became a truly elite runner was the day she realized that she had to ignore her talent–it had taken her so far, but only conquering the mental piece could unlock higher levels of achievement. In Let Your Mind Run, the vaunted Olympic medalist and marathon and half-marathon record holder, will reveal how she incorporated the benefits of positive psychology into her already-dedicated running practice, setting her on a course to conquer women’s distance running. Blending both narrative running insights and deep-dive brain science, this book will appeal to and motivate steadfast athletes, determined runners, and tough-as-nails coaches, and beyond.
This memoir, written by perhaps the most famous American woman active in the competitive world of distance running, will appeal to the pragmatic athletic population, and jointly to fans of engaging sports narratives, inspirational memoirs, and uplifiting biographies.

I finished this book a while ago but absolutely loved it. I wish I have bought it instead of borrowing it from the library because I would have highlighted and dog-eared a ton of the pages!

The book follows Deena’s running career from the very start when she’s just a kid. You read along as she learns about cross country and discovers she has talent and then realizes that it’s not just talent alone that will get her to her goals.

As you read in the description, Deena employees positive thinking and psychology on herself in order to reach her goals and, spoiler alert, it works!

Minus her initial talent, I can relate to her running highs and lows and liked reading about her journey. I’m already using bit and pieces from the book for coaching.

I definitely recommend adding this book to your reading list!

Add it to your “to read” shelf on Goodreads!

Pick up your own copy!