Blog Roll

I appreciate the visit to my blog! The blogging community can be very nice and fun to connect with! Here are some of the blogs that I read regularly and enjoy!

Real Life Friends:

Coryell Mountain Guiding – My boyfriend’s blog. He doesn’t think so, but he’s a great story teller. I love his stories about his climbing adventures and you will too!


Cool Running Reads

Too Tall Fritz – A busy mom and wife that still finds time to be fit and run. Super humble – I really want to run a race with her some day!

Jogging Jeans – seeing people workout in jeans always cracks me up! I love that she remembers that I’m obsessed with zombies and shares with me the zombies stuff she comes across!

Best Race Signs – Same one that brings you Jogging in Jeans…only race signs. My favorites are the ones about beer and/or being crazy…cause we all know that distance runners are crazy.

The Boring Runner – His posts crack me up, probably more than they should!

Run Nerds Rock!! – I love his inspiring posts, and his story, and he’s always posting people’s stories and making everyone feel great!

Road Runner Girl – Love her blog, super motivational! She recaps races, tracks her own fitness, and loves to highlight other runners!

Lavender Parking – One of the first blogs I ever started following. An amazing runner to follow, and if you needed proof: She BQed on her first ever marathon. Amy is super fun and awesome, and I can say that because I have met her in person!


General Fitness

The Fit Foodie Mama – awesome fitness tips, recipes and running!

Work outs with Joy – I’ve been following her workouts a long time and use a lot of the ideas!


Great Minds Think Alike

Dan’s Marathon – He has so many states done!!! And his map is way cooler than mine. (not jealous or anything).

The T-Rex Runner – She’s run A LOT. Like it seems almost every weekend!

Doom Buggy Runner – 50 by 50 challenge!


Artsy Fartsy

Skin Poetry Photography – A real-life friend of mine that even though we have drifted, I still respect her work. She’s a great photographer (you’ll see some past post of mine that have her photos in them) and all around adventure seeker from running, climbing and other stuff.



Mr. & Mrs Adventure – Living out of a van and loving every second of it!

Just a Colorado Gal – I’ve never met her, but she sounds fun and travels a lot!


A way with words

Cult Fit – His blog used to b “Random work outs…random results” but not they are meditative and thought provoking.

Be Infinite – The blog name changes with her mood, so don’t be surprised if it’s different when you visit; although is fitness related, she also writes about anything in her life. Her words always have a way of affecting me.

Isle of Books – In need a of a good read? A real-life friend of mine who writes about writings! lol


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